[PD-dev] where is flext.h?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Feb 1 11:57:29 CET 2006

just a minor question:
when installing flext as suggested, the header files are copied into 
/usr/local/include/flext/ (and i guess /usr/include/flext/ if i would 
choose that)

however, all the flext externals seem to include <flext.h>, which makes 
a "-I/usr/local/include/flext" necessary.
i do not understand the reasoning behind this, as i would expect to 
include <flext/flext.h>.

wouldn't it be nice to not have to change the standard include path?
i prefer the separate directory, but for compatibility one (thomas) 
could make a /usr/local/include/flext.h which in turn includes 

(alternatively one could make a flext-config script which returns the 
correct path, but i don't like that)


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