Restructuring of CVS/externals [was: Re: [PD-dev] moocow's libs]

B. Bogart ben at
Wed Feb 1 18:28:47 CET 2006

Hey all,

I think one factor that would make the organization of the externals
easier is NOT to structure the CVS in that way. What I mean is that there
are a plenty of externals that would simultaneously belong to two
catagories, like pix_pix2sig~ (not an individual external) which is both
audio and video... If we don't have to worry about externals belonging to
a particular catagory exclusively then that would make the organization
more accurate, and solve some stalemakes.

Symlinks possible from an external in one CVS directory?

The whole help-patch meta-data searching idea would make finding externals
very easy, there could even be a commandline version that searches the CVS
for a file with the keywords "gem, texture signal" and get a list of
matching externals. Mathieu would even like to see a tree of externals
that is generated from the keywords.

Anyhow the organization of externals (for the user) need not be the
representation us (the developers) have.

One directory for each external
In that directory: one external-help.pd for each external (main reference
patch) w/ meta-data. plus all the other stuff.

heck searching of the CVS could be done on the server too... (not just
locally on a checked out copy)

Just a template for how to organize stuff in CVS could be handy (at least
for externals if not libs etc..) but we'll never agree so why bother? ;)

How about contribuing to:

As a start?


On Wed, February 1, 2006 11:48 am, Frank Barknecht said:
> Hallo,
> cdr hat gesagt: // cdr wrote:
>> > > externals/${developer}/${package}/ ?
>> >
>> > it (imo: unfortunately) seems to be like that
>> there are some subdirs like signal/ and control/ now..  which could
>> have new subdirs like filters, logic, math, filetypes...maybe the
>> toplevel dirs could be tagged with ALLCAPS categories files for
>> rearrangement when switching to SVN..
> That's great! For quite some time now I would like to give away some
> of my externals to the community by moving them out of
> externals/footils, namely knob and buzz~. However before I do this, it
> would be good to agree on some concrete structure for this. Then every
> developer could decide when to move stuff out of the personalized
> directory into project-directories.
> Ciao
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