[PD-dev] gemlist and pdp packet format documentation

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Feb 6 22:06:17 CET 2006

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Is there any documentation of the formats of gemlist and pdp packet?  
> Can either of these formats be broken down into lesser elements within 
> Pd, like floats, etc.?

i fear there is no documentation for both of them (apart from the

probably there is a bit of docu in my talk at the pd~convention, but
nothing like an API-documentation.

on the pd-side, a gemlist ist a message [gem_state $1 $2( where $1 is a
pointer to GemState and $2 a pointer to GemCache.

these 2 structs do handle with floats,... but they are not exposed to pd.

iirc, pdp-packets are numbers (with a special selector), which represent
the packet id, but i don't really know.


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