[PD-dev] CVS account submission

Alexandre Quessy listes at sourcelibre.com
Thu Feb 9 06:50:23 CET 2006

Hi Günter, hi list,

I didn't expect you from removing your external, far from that. I wrote
this "concat" as an exercise. It is not as polyvalent as yours. I
apologize if I have been unclear about this. Now, please put it back for
the benefits of the community.

Maybe there is also an other regular expression matching external ? It
is not easy to find our way through all the classes that are hidden in
libraries. The Pure Data Base is all right, but still, there is no class
browser, for what no know, that has been implemented into the main
branch of PD. Not yet. So, I didn't know this class existed and I wrote
my version.

For sure, I will take time to read a bit more about the CVS system, this
repository content and I will grep through the .pd_linux to see what
does and does exist before to upload anything.

All right ?

Note that I am also working on a "jazz" and a "jam" externals to parse
chord and play over them. Should I avoid these names for some reason ?


Alexandre Quessy

geiger a écrit :

>I do not think that it is good to write an external that does almost
>the same as an already existing external, because this is very
>confusing for the user (with or without namespaces).
>I also think it is not good to write an external with the same
>name as an already existing one but with slightly different
>behaviour (with or without namespaces).
>The right thing to do in this case would be to propose to extend
>list2symbol or concat.
>I have started the CVS, and I think the first page
>called "Introduction" on http://pure-data.sourceforge.net/
>explains the goals pretty well.
>Now, almost 4 years after writing this it seems
>that we haven't advanced a lot in achieving these goals.
>I have removed concat from my directory, so you can upload yours.

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