[PD-dev] coloured patch cords

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Fri Feb 10 22:37:40 CET 2006

I've been messing around with ways to colourize the patch cords in pd as 
I find that useful as a visual aid in a cluttered patch as well as being 
less depression-inducing than black ;). I know it's bad form to have 
cluttered patches but that's the way they always start out when I do 
them, for me the cleanup phase starts when the patcher is working.
The attached c file contains all the functions in pd (these are fromm 
version 0-39.2) that affect the colours of lines, together with the 
changes I made that give randomish colours to them, and some comments. I 
have added code in pseudo-diff format, i.e. lines prefixed with + are to 
be added, and lines prefixed with - are to be removed, for a total of 
five insertions across the three source files g_canvas.c, g_editor.c and 
I'm using the line's tag to determine its colour as this is AFAIK a 
number unique to each line.
Perhaps someone would like to try it and see what they think, if it's 
interesting enough I'll submit a proper patch.
I would also personally prefer to use orange rather than blue for 
selections...and the colourizing should be switchable in the main pd 
window somewhere.

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