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cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Sat Feb 11 19:40:49 CET 2006

Hans-Christoph Steiner a écrit :
> There are now a couple versions of math objects that do standard math  
> operations on lists: Frank's list-abs and Cyrille's ds_/datastream.  I  
> think that there should be a standard set of math objects that can  
> handle lists of indeterminate length (like the previously mentioned  
> objects).

i don't fear redondancy. some mapping objects can be the same as some
list-abs object.
having a mapping_clip that whould clip data acording to the mapping
standard is great, event if it's the same object as the list_clip 0 1.
i don't think it's a problem to have 2 objects with same fonctionality
with diferents name.

i think the mapping lib should have all necessary object for mapping.
the list-abs should have all necessary objects to deal with list.
and it's not a problem if sometimes the same objects have 2 diferents
name in both lib.

> So it seems that the list handling versions cannot be interchangable  
> with the standard versions, since standard math objects will interpret  
> lists as input to that objects inlets.  But it would be nice to have  
> both options.  So I propose making a mirror math library for lists,  
> like this:
> math/clip
> math/list/clip
> math/*
> math/list/*
> math/min
> math/list/min
> etc. etc.
> This would then largely be built from Frank's list-abs and Cyrille's  
> ds_ objects and assembled to make sure that the list versions have the  
> same interface as the standard versions.  Then for handling floats,  
> they would be completely interchangable.
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