[PD-dev] coloured patch cords

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Mon Feb 13 22:40:08 CET 2006

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> A real diff -uw is much more useful since you just apply it with 
> patch,  no manual editing necessary.
I'm not experienced with automated patching, I suppose there would be 
three diff files, one for each source file (g_canvas.c,  g_editor.c and 
g_graph.c)? And what happens if someone else changes the source files in 
the interim?

> Also, this feature was around in 0.36-devel, but no one ever ported 
> it  forward.  I think it would be a nice preference to have.  The 
> default  color could be black, but you could set audio coords to be a 
> different  color if you wanted.  Also, it would be good to make the 
> lines  anti-aliased too.  On Mac OS X, the audio-rate lines are 
> already  anti-aliased.

Currently it looks as though the audio rate lines are of width 2, maybe 
that's what makes them anti-aliased. Maybe all lines could be width 2 
and the audio lines striped as in Max.
--or selected lines could go to width+2 instead of changing colour, also 
as in Max.
Ideally each line would have a colour field in its struct so the colour 
doesn't have to be recalculated, but that is a pd-wide adjustment. Also 
the method I used for determining the colour seems to give mostly dark 
brown and green lines, maybe a random colour would be better.


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