[PD-dev] getting mouse coords without using t_clickfn

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Feb 20 02:36:47 CET 2006

(I got no answer before, so I'll try again)

So I am trying to write [cursor] starting from Günter's [gcanvas].   
This is my understanding of what's going one: [gcanvas] uses a  
t_widgetbehavior.w_clickfn function to get the mouse coords on click.   
Then that t_clickfn registers a t_glistmotionfn so that it will  
continue getting the mouse coords.

What I want to do is using the t_glistmotionfn but add it with a  
[start( message.   Why doesn't this work?  This is what I am doing in  

static void cursor_motion(t_cursor *x, t_floatarg dx, t_floatarg dy)
   x->x += dx;
   x->y += dy;

static void cursor_start(t_cursor *x)
	glist_grab(x->x_glist, &x->x_obj.te_g, (t_glistmotionfn) cursor_motion,
			   (t_glistkeyfn) NULL, NULL, NULL);

class_addmethod(cursor_class,(t_method) cursor_start,gensym("start"),0);


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