[PD-dev] time for svn?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sat Feb 25 02:51:13 CET 2006

SourceForge just announced that their Subversion service is out of  
beta.  Is it time to give it a try?  It sounds really great, a lot  
more that I expected.

It seems that now would be a good time to start testing since  
development activity is pretty low.  (perhaps everyone is busy with  
other things...).  I have not used svn really at all, so I am  
probably not the one to spearhead this effort.  But I can test while  
learning SVN.


Begin forwarded message:
> Subversion General Availability
> -------------------------------
> The SourceForge.net team is pleased to announce the General  
> Availability
> of Subversion service to SourceForge.net-hosted projects, effective
> 2006-02-21. This service offering is in addition to our existing CVS
> service; as with all of our services, projects may select (and  
> enable in
> the project admin pages) the portion of our offering that best meets
> their needs.
> We wish to extend our thanks to the many projects and developers who
> have helped us to test our Subversion service as part of our six-week
> beta, which completed last week. Our particular thanks go to these
> projects, whose members provided substantial feedback regarding the
> new service:
> * Inkscape - http://sourceforge.net/projects/inkscape/
> * DejaVu Fonts - http://sourceforge.net/projects/dejavu/
> * ScummVM - http://sourceforge.net/projects/scummvm/
> * evilnet - http://sourceforge.net/projects/evilnet/
> Our Subversion service includes:
> SSL-based Repository Access:
> * Developer Subversion access via HTTPS, auth is requested when you
> perform a write operation
> * Anonymous Subversion access via HTTPS
> * No sync delays between developer and anonymous Subversion access
> * Per-developer access control over repository access (ACL support  
> to be
> added in the future) via the SourceForge.net permissions system
> Web-based viewing:
> * Web-based repository access via ViewVC (formerly known as ViewCVS)
> On-demand self-service backups and mirroring capability:
> * Read-only rsync access to the repository to permit backups and
> remote mirroring
> Ease of migration:
> * Automated self-service migration of your SourceForge.net project CVS
> repository, CVS tarball, or Subversion dump to our Subversion service
> Well-considered add-ons to basic service:
> * A selected set of hook scripts, including commit email support and
> CIA bot support
> * Statistics tracking of Subversion repository activity
> Service may be enabled by project administrators in the "Subversion"
> section of the Project Admin pages.
> Complete service documentation is available at:
> http://sf.net/docs/E09/
> Documentation is provided for supported clients at:
> http://sf.net/docs/F06/ for the command-line SVN client
> http://sf.net/docs/F07/ for TortoiseSVN
> Our support of Subversion has been based on substantial research and
> testing in the past few months, which we have pursued specifically  
> based
> on requests from the community. SourceForge.net continues to consider
> new technologies and evaluate community requests in further
> strengthening our service offering.


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