[PD-dev] time for svn?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun Feb 26 01:30:27 CET 2006

On Feb 25, 2006, at 8:39 AM, Thomas Grill wrote:

> Hi all,
>>> imo, it would be better to set up multiple repositories for the
>>> externals, abstractions, and the pd core ... maybe ever multiple
>>> repositories for the externals ...
>> Multiple repos for externals, abs and pd core makes sense, but not  
>> for each externals or branch of externals, IMO. I think externals  
>> should be a repo on its own.
> i don't think there is a real reason for multiple repositories.
> I have been working with split repositories for quite a while  
> because of missing path-wise access control in older svn versions,  
> but this restriction is gone now. I find it inconvenient and  
> unnecessary.
> SVN has far better capabilities of dealing with directories like  
> cvs, so this would only complicate things.
> If SF provides the repo there will probably be only a single one  
> available anyway.

First off, it would be great if you SVN users could explain the  
differences from CVS and how it will affect us.  For example, I don't  
get the branch=folders stuff, that doesn't exist in CVS.

Everything that goes into Pd-extended should be in one repository.   
Not only does it make tagging easier, but also it makes release  
branches possible.  For future Pd-extended releases, I plan on making  
a branch.  With such a complicated program, its necessarily to be  
able to commit fixes that are specific to a release separately from  
HEAD.  Then those fixes can be merged in or not depending on the  
fix.  This can't be done with tagging.

All of the Pd-extended code doesn't have to be maintained in the Pd  
repository, but instead stable versions can be imported.  This would  
work well with Gem, PDP, GridFlow, and Thomas' flext, etc.  I think  
this would be a much better setup for externals/grill rather than the  
current automatic mirror.



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