[PD-dev] time for svn?

cdr ix at replic.net
Mon Feb 27 02:50:19 CET 2006

> But I must say, there is an arrogance to the documentation which I  
> find distasteful.  I'd like to see the "advantages and disadvantages"  
> section, rather than "forget all you know, because SVN is so much  
> better". 

 a less crufty CVS which fixes a few problems, namely renaming/moving/deleting files. it's not a new paradigm, and tools like SVK have spring up to attempt to make the SVN storage backend behave more like darcs/bazaar/etc..

 offer many time/painsavers applicable to the nature of PD development like multiple branches, developers with their own repositories, and are written by people who understand how open source projects are written, whereas CVS is a relic of the days of a small academic department... 

my experience with these RCS's is akin to graduating from compiling something on redhat or debian where you need to grab hordes of '-dev' packages, and are stuck with the same compiler the rest of your system is built with, vs doing the same on gentoo where you have a suite of tools to handle intra-lib reverse-dependenency linkages, easily switching between compiler/lib versions etc..they were built from the ground up to fix problems more interesting than simply renaming dirs..

 is pretty useless, except for its rather basic patch tracker. the public CVS access is inaccessible about 20% of the time for the past few years, and their website has 7 rows toolbars and 2 rows of ad banners, and none of them have useful stuff in them

 a 'sourceforge 2.0' provided by the folks at Canonical (also known for Ubuntu). already has 131 projects using it, and its website is significantly more useful, with an easy overview of the most active current branches on the front page, not to mention a better bugtracker, and nice Bazaar integration.

additionally a user does not have to beg the admins for acess "Decentralized Revision Control Systems Give users the ability to work in a bazaar fashion over the internet. Users of decentralized Bazaar-NG can get right to comitting on their favorite free software projects without requiring special permission from projects that use Bazaar-NG"

my vote? Launchpad :)

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