[PD-dev] DesireData "dev" meeting

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Jun 25 08:25:23 CEST 2006

This is an invitation to all contributors and would-be contributors to 
DesireData. We are going to hold the first dd-dev meeting on Friday
June 30th, UTC 18.00. That's also:

June 30th
   14.00 Montréal (matju), Ottawa, Boston (carmen)
   19.00 London
   20.00 Graz, Wien (tgrill), Essen (mamalala)
July 1st
   02.00 Taipei (chun)
   04.00 Brisbane (dmotd)

Topics List:

   1. Funding avenues

   2. A. which bugtracker and wiki should we use?
      B. where should it be hosted?

   3. Automating the testing of the GUI

   4. Naming DD executables: two suggestions:
      A. server is named "pd", client is named "desire"
      B. client is named "pd", server is named "pd-server" or "pdd"

   5. What's the future of GOP ? That is, supposing GOP works in DD (it
      doesn't), what can be done to make GOP easier and more useful?

   6. Should the Properties Dialogs be turned into Pd patches?

   7. whatever you want to talk about

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