[PD-dev] properties hook

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Sat Aug 5 06:48:56 CEST 2006

Hey Hans,

I REALLY like the idea. I can see how the property dialog could work for
an abstraction, maybe the "properties" GUI would be a hidden GOP in a
subpatch? you just switch on a "properties" check box so that the
subpatch gets rendered in the properties window. If the "help" or
"properties" hooks just sent a message to a special receive in the
abstraction then you could make them do whatever you want, like make a
subpatch in the abstraction visible. "vis 1", "help" could also do
whatever you want...


hans at eds.org wrote:
> I am sitting here with a performance venue with pounding bass after 
> running my Swirler installation, and I just had a thought: what if 
> there was a generic "properties" hook just like the "help" hook?   Then
> you could have a Properties panel for any patch.  I think that 
> Properties panels should be written in Pd anyway, this way we could 
> write elaborate GUI objects with data structures which have settable 
> and storable properties via a properties panel.
> Sound good?
> .hc
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