[PD-dev] pdextended autobuild august 10th 2006

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu Aug 10 22:23:31 CEST 2006

Hey hans++,

I'm just getting back into pT development and downloaded the latest
autobuild pd-extended. (test5)

Seems a few things are not quite working yet. When I start pd-extended I

Gem: can't load library
 iemmatrix: can't load library
 mtx: can't load library
 pdp: can't load library
 pidip: can't load library

I see that "Gem" is not in the extended release, I guess due to the gem
build issues.

Since the ftgl and freetype libs don't change much should they just be
compilied manually and copied onto the compile farm? Looks like the OSX
gem terminal build is pretty close to being ready according to IOhannes.

also seems pool is missing. I guess I'll have to checkout everything on
the laptop and try and build the whole monster myself and see whats
going on.

Hans, what is the most recent build of pd-extended 0.39 that works? (as
in as well as the older test1 test builds did?)

Thanks all.
I can help with compiling stuff on OSX/Linux but where are we at for
getting Gem into the autobuild? Are the gem sources in a place where the
build can get them?


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