pd-extended minimum needs Re: [PD-dev] Re: [GEM-dev] pdextended autobuild august 10th 2006

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Aug 11 02:51:24 CEST 2006

On Aug 10, 2006, at 7:53 PM, B. Bogart wrote:

> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>> also seems pool is missing. I guess I'll have to checkout   
>>> everything on
>>> the laptop and try and build the whole monster myself and see whats
>>> going on.
>> No one's gotten that stuff working with the Pd-extended build system.
>> The flext build stuff is strange and it seems Gem is making progress
>> with the ./configure stuff.  Really, its just a matter of someone   
>> doing
>> the work.  If either build system uses the GNU standard  'DESTDIR'  
>> and
>> 'prefix' variables correctly, then the install targets  should be  
>> easy.
>> Otherwise those will have to be implemented.
> Hi Thomas,
> So can (we/you) alter the flext buildsys so that things like the  
> and prefix variables (if they are set) provide reasonable defaults to
> the conf files?
> Hans, are these all environment variables or variables within the
> makefile? As in do we need flext to build like this:
> build.sh pd gcc
> build.sh pd gcc install $DESTDIR $prefix
> or can we just run "build.sh pd gcc" with the environment vars set  
> properly?

They are make variables, which are kind of interchangable with env  
vars.  Usually, you would use them like this:

make DESTDIR=/tmp/ prefix=/usr install

but you can also do this:

export DESTDIR=/tmp/
export prefix=/usr
make install

> I'll help were I can, It would be really nice to have flext play nice
> with the pd-extended build system.

It would be nice to have Gem and flext working this way.  What needs  
to happen is:

a) there needs to be some command line call to build everything,  
whether its ./configure && make or whatever.

b) the build system needs to use the standard GNU install variables,  
so that they can be overridden easily by the Pd-extended build system.

Here are the GNU standard variables for installation directories:


For Pd, since its an odd layout, I had to had a few more, while  
trying to keep in the spirit of the GNU standards (from packages/ 

ifeq ($(OS_NAME),darwin)
   libpddir = $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)
   libpdbindir = $(bindir)
     ifeq ($(OS_NAME),windows)
       libpddir = $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)
       libpdbindir = $(bindir)
       libpddir = $(libdir)/pd
       libpdbindir = $(libpddir)/bin

objectsdir = $(libpddir)/extra
pddocdir = $(libpddir)/doc
helpdir = $(pddocdir)/5.reference

For Pd-extended, there are three more:
examplesdir = $(pddocdir)/examples
manualsdir = $(pddocdir)/manuals
readmesdir = $(manualsdir)/READMEs

I hope that's clear enough, let me know if you have any specific  


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