[PD-dev] Re: [GEM-dev] pdextended autobuild august 10th 2006

chris clepper cgclepper at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 19:45:01 CEST 2006

On 8/11/06, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> wrote:
> I understand that.  But still, managing source builds is a lot of
> work when multiplied by 10+, even when the software is "done".  I
> don't want to have to build it even once.  Right now, I can install
> many, many packages using Fink/apt-get/yum with basically one
> command:  "fink install ..." or "apt-get install ..." or "yum
> install ..."

Someone could provide prebuilt FTGL andf freetype libs for OSX and Windows.

What are you doing for the Intel builds on the Mac?

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