[PD-dev] Going from CVS to Subversion

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Aug 13 19:04:31 CEST 2006

Tim Blechmann wrote:
>>> i am all for it, but: does sourceforge already implement some kind of
>>> acl for svn? or can we live without acl's?
>> According to the Site Docs, "no means is provided to limit access to a
>> repository on a per-path basis" for Subversion. This seems to be
>> planned, but as we know Sourceforge, one shouldn't hold his/her
>> breath.
> well, the pd repository doesn't need to be located at sourceforge ... i
> mean, the plone site is located on an iem server, so, if someone takes
> the work of converting a cvs repository to a subversion, why not move
> the repository server?
> currently two features of sf are used ... the cvs and the tracker ...
> imo, it wouldn't be a bad idea, to put the svn server as well as a
> decent bug tracker (bugzilla/mantis/whatever) onto the puredata.info
> server and abandon sourceforge ...
> not sure, if the iem / the puredata.info server has enough resources,
> but at least no one would complain about sourceforge any more :)

they biggest problem i see is the user migration.
unfortunately, all the puredata.info users are currently stored within
the zope-db; it they were stored in an ldap-server, the user credentials
could be used for cvs/svn/git/... authentication.

i currently don't know how to migrate the users from zodb to ldap.


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