[PD-dev] configuration : .pdrc, preference dialog... s-lang

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Aug 15 09:08:53 CEST 2006

On Mon, 14 Aug 2006, Alexandre Quessy wrote:

> I would like to know where the configuration system of pd is heading to. 
> I have read many months ago that the ~/.pdrc was deprecated....

in DesireData, ~/.pdrc is not deprecated, and there's an editor for it.
(the first release of DesireData is approaching quickly)

> I like that system, even though it is not possible to include comments 
> in it.

devel_0_39 allows inclusion of comments.
(however, the DesireData editor strips comments and sort the options 
in the order that they are in the editor)

> Maybe a system that would be nice to migrate to is the 
> http://www.jedsoft.org/slang/ interpreter, which is somewhat similar to 
> a simplified C syntax.

I don't know which part of pd you want to migrate this to. If it's about 
the configuration system, I'm thinking about using pd messages for 
everything, in the future.

Simplified C syntax is only interesting to those who are C programmers. 
For pd users, it's better to use pd patches. For other people... tastes 
vary. I prefer Tcl syntax.

Slang is seldom used. I don't remember any feature of Slang that made it 
seem like an interesting language. Tcl is already much more used and 

> I know there are many languages like this one (namely Lua, processing, 
> etc.) but this one looks nice.

What makes Lua and Processing looking not nice?

> For those that like the console to write software,

Do you want to make a console version of pd? =)

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