[PD-dev] Going from CVS to Subversion

David Plans Casal main at davidcasal.com
Tue Aug 15 11:21:34 CEST 2006

On 13 Aug 2006, at 20:05, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> In my view, both problems aren't directly related: We could solve 1)
> now by moving to SVN and live with 2) for a while longer, until we can
> also solve 2) by moving to IEM or similar.

Actually, svn export is quite reliable. So if we migrate to svn,  
there shouldn't be any difficulty in moving the physical server  
location later on.

On an earlier comment, I also think /externals/zexy/trunk instead of / 
trunk/externals/zexy would be better, but taking care of that after  
the big move with svn mv commands shouldn't be a problem? In my  
experience, it pays off to lay directories for an svn repo as you'll  
want to add them.

In any case, I've recently converted a (small) cvs SF project to svn  
and it went perfectly fine.

But, I can't be in Graz in September ;-)


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