[PD-dev] Re: config.h enhancements

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Oct 19 10:57:16 CEST 2006


Hans Steiner wrote:
> Just a thought: Miller has started, just barely, to use a config.h 
> generated by ./configure in pd/src.  How about adding the stuff that you 
> have in zexyconf.h there?  Then every library can benefit.  For now, we 
> can just use patches in the Pd-extended build until Miller accepts them.
> I was planning on starting to make the externals/Makefile stuff use 
> pd/src/config.h anyway, instead of doing a separate ./configure for 
> externals/

in theory i second this.
in parctice there are 2 caveats:
a) this would actually mean, that people would either change pd's 
configure.in (which is not possible dues to ACLs) or they would have to 
patch pd before building an external (which is not acceptable for me, 
since building against pd-vanilla is really a must for me)
b) in zexy and Gem i use some customized m4-modules which i find really 
cool and would hate to abandon (but i understand if somebody would not 
want to use them). i think that they are much more elegant than simply 
using uname's output to decide which flags to use. so i'm sure that i 
would want to change the configure.in to make it fit to my aesthetics 
which might break everything, and we surely don't want that. (most 
likely this is pure vanity, but...)


PS: btw, i was forwarding all of your personal emails to pd-dev (since i 
consider them to be of archive-able value); i hope this is ok for you.

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