[PD-dev] BUG: namespace prefixes broken in 0.40

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Thu Nov 2 19:45:46 CET 2006

Hi all,

> (Optional) keyword arguments are a long-term wishlist item, because
> only having positional arguments is not very comfortable. It would be
> great to have a corresponding object or syntax to read out keyword
> arguments in abstractions. I think, Thomas Grill write somthing like
> that for the flext-syntax.

it's in the cvs in externals/grill/absattr

> From a qwertz-keyboard user's view I would
> prefer the "-key" syntax over flext's "@key" syntax.

i only chose that because it's already known in the patcher world,  
due to Max/Jitter. I didn't want to introduce another standard, when  
there's no real reason to do that.


Thomas Grill

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