[PD-dev] gdb listening to PD

Conor J Curran forward at forwind.net
Sun Nov 12 02:04:50 CET 2006

Tonight I was trying to hook up GDB with PD. When attempting to attach
to PD, I was presented with the following options. Could anyone tell me
which process/es should I connect to?

pd_bang                   pd_free
pd_bind                   pd_free at plt               pd_symbol
pd_canvasmaker            pd_getparentwidget        pd_typedmess
pd_checkobject            pd_init                   pd_typedmess at plt
pd_compiledate            pd_list                   pd_unbind
pd_compiletime            pd_new                    pd_version
pd_doloadbang             pd_new at plt                pd_vmess
pd_error                  pd_newest                 pdfloat_setup
pd_fft                    pd_objectmaker            pdint_setup
pd_findbyclass            pd_pointer                pdsymbol_setup
pd_float                  pd_popsym
pd_forwardmess            pd_pushsym


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