[PD-dev] pd-extended 0.39-2 Nov 21st nightly build

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Nov 22 05:27:00 CET 2006

Hey all,

I tried to use the PD extended installer on my 10.3.9 machine. It seems
all the ones listed on the autobuild list are 10.4 now, is 10.3.9 no
longer supported?

So I can see that gem gets loaded fine, in the console window. But it
seems no gem objects work.. "gemwin" for example.

Is this a 10.3.9 issue?

I don't see any errors in the console other than the usual JAR/jack stuff.

I'm doing a demo next week and am not sure what version to suggest...
(well the old 0.38 extended build has issues...)


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