[PD-dev] DesireData's ./configure

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Nov 22 21:04:51 CET 2006

I started DesireData's build scripts by modifying Miller's 0.39 scripts to make 
them more like devel_0_39's SCons files except that there are only made for 
building DesireData and not the standard devel_0_39 branch.

Then I made a few extra changes:

  * Tcl doesn't need to be detected, because DesireData doesn't compile
    with libtcl. The t_*.c files are not used in DesireData because they
    correspond to features that we already can do in two lines of Tcl since
    longer than Pd existed.

  * I removed the setuid feature because Pd isn't a proper setuid app, as
    it doesn't make any checks to prevent the user from abusing the access
    it gets. I don't see why anyone should use this feature. Login as root
    if you want to login as root.

  * Portaudio 18 is no longer supported.

  * I'm cleaning up the detection of JACK and other audio stuff. Somehow,
    some lines about JACK come in 4 or 5 copies in Miller's configure.in,
    and they look as if they were generated by a script because it really
    doesn't look like anyone would ever write code like that. Anyway - it's
    gone now. I'm going to finish the work on this soon.

  * to be continued.

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