[PD-dev] DesireData goes C++

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Nov 24 01:55:56 CET 2006

Starting now, desire.c is compiled as C++. This has some immediate advantages:

  * I can mix statements and declarations as I wish, without requiring a
    C99 compiler, which VC6 is not (if ever the Windows people stick to
    using VC6)

  * Structs can inherit from each other instead of embedding each other,
    which means less nested member accesses and less casts.

  * Loops can include declarations, thus so can loop-macros like
    canvas_each and such.

However, the desire.h and m_pd.h interfaces are supposed to remain pure C, as 
well as all existing C files that have not been forked.

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