[PD-dev] Re: PD-cvs Digest, Vol 21, Issue 30

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Nov 30 17:10:34 CET 2006

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Tim Blechmann wrote:

>>> one thing, that you people need to realize: open source software
>>> development doesn't work, if you don't care, what other people are
>>> doing.
>> Why did you start pnpd?
> as you might now, the pnpd core and the pd core follow different design
> concepts.

And that's how you escape your own reasoning? I care about what other 
people are doing, I keep compatibility with maybe 99% of the pd patches. 
Do you have any compatibility with pd in pnpd?

Pnpd must not be that far off in terms of design principles, because the 
GUI that it's made to connect to, as a client-server system, is Klippels 
Karma, which was first intended as a rather direct rewrite of jMax 2.5, 
and jMax 2.5 is enough like PureData so that GridFlow can support both at 
once and confine the differences between the two systems to about 5% of 
GridFlow's code. What I mean, is that basically, it's all the same.

Don't even try to rub yourself out of the picture by contemplating how 
much your design differences are so important and ignoring how the design 
resemblances are so even more important.

>>> and how i see the current situation no one really cares about the other
>>> ones ...
>> And you still see this as a problem?
> i don't see it as a problem, it just can be used in a textbook on
> project management as bad example...

And you are very much part of that "bad example". That's my point in this 
whole message.

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