[PD-dev] Re: PD-cvs Digest, Vol 21, Issue 30

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Thu Nov 30 18:34:59 CET 2006


sorry, but:

Am Donnerstag, 30. November 2006 17:10 schrieb Mathieu Bouchard:
> Pnpd must not be that far off in terms of design principles, because the
> GUI that it's made to connect to, as a client-server system, is Klippels
> Karma, which was first intended as a rather direct rewrite of jMax 2.5,
> and jMax 2.5 is enough like PureData so that GridFlow can support both at
> once and confine the differences between the two systems to about 5% of
> GridFlow's code. What I mean, is that basically, it's all the same.

you missed the point by more than a mile, definitely.
i'm wondering if you read what other people write, or if that was just a rush 
of trollism....

karma is in no way a direct rewrite of jmax. and as you should (or at least 
could)know, since you are on #datflow quite often, karma was intended to be a 
gui-replacement for jmax, wich is somewhat different from jmax+fts.

dont use me as an example to attack others, in noo way, and especially noot if 
you dont get the thing right. learn your lesson first, dude, then speak.

you start to sound like someone else here on the list froom time to time....

> Don't even try to rub yourself out of the picture by contemplating how
> much your design differences are so important and ignoring how the design
> resemblances are so even more important.

here i have to vote for tim: his system is fundamentally differnt from pd's 
core. just because you decided to make dd in c++, it doesnt mean that 
everything else in c++ is just a clone of pd now.

> >>> and how i see the current situation no one really cares about the other
> >>> ones ...
> >>
> >> And you still see this as a problem?
> >
> > i don't see it as a problem, it just can be used in a textbook on
> > project management as bad example...
> And you are very much part of that "bad example". That's my point in this
> whole message.

if you would ask hans, you would be a bad example maybe, for putting dd into 
the devel branch. if you ask yves, i would be a bad example for making 
something that has object boxes and wires like pd, despite the fact it isnt a 
clone at all. if you ask someone else, the result would be different again. 
so what?

do you want to imply that development of similar things is a bad thing? do you 
really want to get to m$ view of things, which are "we or no one"?

c'mon, we are in the open source world, so all this is supposed to be a good 

in fact we should look at the stuff others do, improve it, or just pick up the 
idea and write something new with that in mind. we should then think about 
the other stuff and find out what is good, and what might not be that good, 
and then take these ideas, putting them into the own stuff. its called 

calm down my friend, dont know whats wrong with you, but in the recent past 
you start to get aggressive in your tone and statements quite often.



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