[PD-dev] Re: PD-cvs Digest, Vol 21, Issue 30

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Nov 30 19:48:08 CET 2006

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Christian Klippel wrote:

> karma is in no way a direct rewrite of jmax.

Ok, sorry about that one; however, you did say on jmax-list that you would 
fork jMax 2.5.x, and that wasn't so long before you started Karma.

> do you want to imply that development of similar things is a bad thing?

No, what I mean is that Tim cannot say that pd-dev is a bad example in 
project management, without being himself part of the bad example. I 
didn't say that pd-dev is a bad example in project management

> c'mon, we are in the open source world, so all this is supposed to be a 
> good thing....

I'm not against competition at all, I'm just against being at the same 
time part of the competition and denouncing competition.

Pd-dev can't be a bad example in project management, because there is no 
project manager, and there is no way that a project manager could have 
authority over individuals because there is (almost no) incentive for 
individuals to obey. That's another way that Tim's statement on project 
management makes no sense.

> just because you decided to make dd in c++, it doesnt mean that 
> everything else in c++ is just a clone of pd now.

It doesn't matter which language it's written in, it's that if Tim is 
going to tell anyone that they don't care about what the others do, he 
should look at his own project first.

> here i have to vote for tim: his system is fundamentally differnt from 
> pd's core.

Reading the specification, most of what I read could equally apply to Pd 
and MAX, and most of the rest of the things that I read are features that 
have been thoroughly discussed on pd-dev and pd-list as possible additions 
to pd and are not impossible to add while keeping near-total 

So, I can't believe that it's "fundamentally different".

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