[PD-dev] 'svn move' candidates

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Feb 7 22:53:08 CET 2008

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Feb 2008, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>>> How does /branches/discontinued work?  that sounds like a good choice
>>> for Framestein.
>> well, nothing special; it is a folder where discontinued projects can be
>> moved to, so they don't fill up the "trunk".
>> the folder could also be called "deprecated" (but this is so negative)
> Discontinued projects and deprecated projects are not the same. As an 
> excellent example, the GZIP project was mostly left "undeveloped" for 
> over 10 years. So what? there was no need to release anything. From the 
> moment it stopped being developed until the next bugfix, its popularity 
> increased perhaps 100-fold or 1000-fold.
> If an external/extension/module is perfect as it is, there's no reason 
> to change it, and it can be as discontinued as you want, it's still 
> working.
> I agree that Framestein seems to have fallen out of fashion, but 
> "discontinued" is not the criterion of exclusion that you are looking for.

in my last mail i tried to get away from both "discontinued" and 
"deprecated" and shift the discussion towards "branches" and "tags".
since tags are usually considered to be "frozen" (though technically 
nothing keeps you from thawing them (in subversion)), they are a 
positive equivalent to "discontinued".

there is no reason to keep a project like Framestein in the "trunk" 
(main _development_ branch) of pure-data.
whenever it is reactivated, it could just be copied(!) back.

>> anyhow, i thought (having never used it), the "supercollider" is more 
>> like a framework to get sc3 and Pd work together nicely (with a 
>> Pd-part and an sc3-part); but i've never used it, so i might be easily 
>> mistaken.
>> i think the key point of both of us is, that all 3 of them should be
>> moved out of "/trunk"
> Is that "supercollider" component broken or obsolete? AFAIK, SC3 sounds 
> like it's quite current. It's not like it was made for SC1 or something.

first of all, the "sc3" symbol was only introduced by me (thinking that 
"supercollider" is indeed for sc3)
i don't know why you think it might be broken or obsolete.

ahh, i think you might have misunderstood me:
i think "Framestein", "supercollider" and "xgui" should be moved away 
from /trunk/; neither of them has the same importance as "pd" or 
"externals". (it might be even misleading, to have "supercollider" be in 
parallel to "pd")
i don't think that all 3 should be handled the same (as they are not)
my proposal was:
/trunk/Framestein -> /tags/externals/Framestein
/trunk/xgui -> /trunk/extensions/xgui
/trunk/supercollider -> /trunk/extensions/supercollider

after all this talk about "discontinued", i don't know what makes the 
"supercollider" and "xgui" better than "Framestein" in this respect.


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