[PD-dev] [PD] Problem in os x 10.5.1?

Russell Bryant russell at russellbryant.net
Fri Feb 15 17:06:51 CET 2008

David Plans Casal wrote:
> However, both setting the sys_guicmd call before the fork _and_ 
> commenting out the call to setuid() fail to get rid of the messages:
> 14/02/2008 18:13:02 [0x0-0x185185].org.puredata.pd.wish[66305] Break on 
> to debug.
> coming up in /var/log/syslog when starting pd
> Below are the offending bits of s_inter.c as they stand right now; can 
> anyone see what's wrong with this picture?


When __APPLE__ is defined, there is _nothing_ happening between fork() and 
execl().  So, I give up.  It must be something going on inside if wish ...


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