[PD-dev] pd-meeting at LAC

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Feb 24 23:39:55 CET 2008

Georg Holzmann hat gesagt: // Georg Holzmann wrote:

> Since there are so many pd people at the Linux Audio Conference next 
> week, should we make something like a developer meeting ?

Great idea, though I won't be able to participate during LAC
itself[1], and all of Graz is leaving on Sunday. :(

Anyway, the final schedule for LAC is online now, so you can check
when each of you is occupied. 

As far as I see - and as one of the two LAC organizers I probably see
farther than most of you - Saturday afternoon probably will be the
best time, as Miller is occupied all Friday afternoon with a workshop,
while Thursday afternoon and Friday/Saturday morning some of you will
do talks.

I could arrange a discussion room to do the Pd meeting on Saturday.

[1] My only larger wish regarding the topics Georg has mentioned would
be to split off a "pd-externals" package from pd-extended for the
Debs, but IOhannes probably will bring up many of by arguments for
this himself. ;)

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