[PD-dev] removing inactive devs from sf-project (again...)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Oct 16 13:18:39 CEST 2008

hi all

one year has passed since my last cleanup of the list of developers in 
our sourceforge project.

since we still/again have a long list of devs and some of them being 
inactive, i would like to re-start the cleaning up process.

of 43 registered developers, a total of 33 devs have committed at least 
once since 2006-10-10.
10 devs have not contributed to the repository since then.

while doing stats, i can also report that since 2006-10-10 there have 
been 4242 commits, the most notorious and glorious commiter has been hasn.

anyhow, here's the list of inactive devs:
doelie, ggeiger, jmmmp, joschi, mjmcgonagle, mnoi, pland, ritsch, 
tigital, timblech

i will send an email asking them to opt out of a removal from the 
pure-data sf-project.

below is the text (a slightly updated version of the text i used last year)



you are a registered developer at the "pure-data" sourceforge project,
which means that you have write access to the repository hosted there.

our project currently has 43 developers, some of them being inactive.
as one of the administrators of the project, i would like to reduce
the number of developers to the active ones.

since you haven't committed anything within the last two (2) years,
you are considered to be "inactive", and therefore i would like to
remove you from the list of developers.

if you ever feel like you need developer status (=write access to the
repository) again, just send an email to the pd-dev mailinglist.
(this is the main reason why i dare to send out this email: getting
write access is so simple that people don't lose a privilige if they
are removed from the list of developers)

if you feel that this is totally unjustified, please tell me within the
next week and i will not remove you from the list of active-developers


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