[PD-dev] [PD] Building Externals

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Oct 21 09:27:11 CEST 2008

Alex wrote:
> I just joined the pd-dev list so i can keep up with this discussion.
> I added a link to the GNU makefile conventions information to that
> wiki page.  The info on the wiki seems pretty good though I don't
> quite understand the Makefile.extended... it is my understanding that
> these new makefiles are not simply for 'extended', they are an effort
> to remove the 'extendedness' requirement that exists there.  It seems
> to me that eventually each external should have one file simply called
> "Makefile"... maybe the existing makefiles should be renamed to
> Makefile.something in the mean time?

the idea is, to allow people to maintain their own build-systems fit to 
_their_ own needs for their externals.
having a separate naming would just not interfere with these.
(there are people who are quite allergic to other people f*ing up their 
build-systems, even if everything is by the best intentions)

in the "ideal" world, Makefile.extended would just "include Makefile" 
and they would be the same.
with the noteable difference, that
- "Makefile" would contain the actual build-system
- "Makefile.extended" would serve as a flag to indicate that this 
external should be included in "full" builds.

for those externals with no existing Makefile, doing this Makefile will 
definitely be the first step.


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