[PD-dev] Request to be added to the PD Sourceforge project as a dev.

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Dec 1 01:59:47 CET 2008


Thanks for the intro!  I support this because we definitely need  
someone to finish up the details of a full 64-bit port!


On Nov 25, 2008, at 9:17 PM, Ilias Anagnostopoulos wrote:

> Quote: "Please send your request to the pd-dev mailing list, together
> with an introduction about your person and what you are doing."
> So here it is:
> Hello everyone,
> My real name is Ilias, but I'm better known as Jesus. I build things,
> mostly hardware, mostly sound-related, and mostly using analogue
> electronic circuits. I've built a home-made Analogue Modular
> Audio/Visual Synthesizer called Bob, which took me two years to
> complete, while on the road, driving from Greece (where I was born) to
> the UK (where I live) and back several times. During that period I  
> also
> performed a lot around Europe and the Balkans with my band (I Knew  
> Them)
> and with my electronic devices (Jesus is Angry). My most recent  
> project
> was building a Theremin with a proximity sensor for the pitch and a
> luminance sensor for the volume.
> As far as computers are concerned, I am a GNU/Linux user and  
> supporter.
> My software-views tend to be closer to the Free Software idea, as in
> Free Speech. I maintain the OtherSide (http://otherside.servebeer.com)
> which hosts some of my projects. I generally work on software that I
> really like using, since my inspiration comes from my need to do  
> things
> that are not already there, or do the things that are there better, if
> possible.
> I have been using PD for a while now, mostly as a tool to explore  
> ideas
> that I then might implement to hardware. I am inspired by the  
> networking
> side of things when it comes to PD. I have created the OtherSide PD
> system, a web-based collaborative synthesis system, based on PD but  
> also
> using IRC, a Python IRC bot, and the festival speech synthesis system,
> during an MA course in Sonic Art and Media Production, in the  
> University
> of Sheffield Sound Studios. I am now doing a PhD in Hybrid Modular
> Synthesis Systems in the same institution where I also teach. I am
> interested in using computers and analogue electronics to create  
> hybrid
> systems for audio and video synthesis. I am currently working with PD
> and have access to a couple of Arduinos to play with. I have  
> created an
> Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 Package for PD-extended, which has been added to
> the list on the website. I am also working on a -functional- 64-bit
> version of PD-extended, since I have access to a 64-bit Ubuntu 8.04
> Hardy system. Unfortunately, since this is in campus and is behind a
> firewall, it is not easy for me to offer it as a PdLab machine. I'd be
> happy to do a 64-bit branch when I make it work and offer deb (and  
> maybe
> rpm) packages. I am trying to convince the Computer Services in the  
> to host an APT repository so I can have these things available there.
> I'd be equally happy if they were hosted at the existing PD APT. I  
> also
> have an idea about a PD-server branch, to be used on headless server
> systems with no GUI, for networking.
> So to sum up, if you haven't been bored to death reading so far, I'd
> like to get involved with the PD project as a dev. I've created a
> Sourceforge account with the username jesushero and name Jesus H.
> Thanks!!
> PS: Sorry Gunter, didn't realize until now that the horrible DNS at  
> the
> University sends emails as user at sheffield.ac.uk instead of
> user at shef.ac.uk - Re-registered...
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