[PD-dev] i can has svn commit access?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Dec 2 17:46:40 CET 2008

On Dec 2, 2008, at 5:43 AM, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Hallo,
> Damian Stewart hat gesagt: // Damian Stewart wrote:
>> i'd like SVN commit access, so that i can work on improvements to  
>> some of
>> the Pd usability issues that have been bugging me lately. i would  
>> like to
>> implement multithreaded [soundfiler] read, and i'd like to in the  
>> longer
>> term make a stab at multithreaded the entire DSP engine, or at least
>> investigating whether this project is a feasible one.
> You're welcome, but take note, that the MAIN branch of Pd in svn is
> strictly reserved for commits by Miller, so if you want to make
> changes to [soundfiler] using the sourceforge patch tracker is the way
> to go.

Yes indeed.  It is important to reiterate the basic rule of  
committing that we follow. I think is lightweight yet effective: if  
it isn't your code that you committed, then always ask before  

As for implementing substantial changes to soundfiler, I think the  
way to do it is not to try to get the modifications into Pd-vanilla,  
there are so many issues of backwards compatibility.  Instead make a  
new object, even if it is largely just a modified version of the  
original. [sndfiler] is a good example of that.



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