[PD-dev] osc automatic routing

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Dec 8 18:18:04 CET 2008

Forwind info hat gesagt: // Forwind info wrote:

> Does anybody know if there is a way to automatically send an OSC message to
> an internal PD messaging address which happens to be the same as the route
> of the OSC message.
> So for instance, an osc message arrives with route "/a/sample/route" and
> value 50, I would like to automatically send the value of the message to the
> internal message address of  "/a/sample/route".

You could use a settable [send] for this:

 [dumpOSC] or whatever
 [list split 1]
 |     |
 |     [s $0-rest-of-message]
 [t b a]
 |    |
 |    [s $0-sender-name]
 |    [r $0-rest-of-message]
 |    |
 |    [r $0-sender-name]
 |    |

It's imperative that you use the [t b a] here, because the
rest-of-message would be generated before the sender-name otherwise as
there's right-to-left ordering in [list split].

In a non-ASCII-patch I'd use direct connections, not sends, but that
would be hard to read in ASCII.


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