[PD-dev] poly library

Ed Kelly morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 22 02:28:00 CET 2008

> > Yep, that's true, but OTOH a wrapper is just a Pd
> patch, which is  
> > much easier
> > to change than a dynamic patching construct. That has
> to be taken into
> > account when it comes to longer-term maintainability.
> Generally  
> > less dynamic
> > patching is better.

Well...if objects to be used within a dynamic patching system conform to some kind of standard, then dynamic patching is a good thing. I'm using it a bit in the forthcoming release of metastudio.

It's really time-consuming and cumbersome to create large polyphonic structures in PD. So I'm making a client in which my machines can be dynamically created as patches. Can anyone explain to me why the dynamic patching aspect of PD is not documented? Some have suggested that it "might change" at some point in the future. I can't see how basic 
[obj $1 $2 myvoice $3 $4...$n-1(
syntax could change without a radical change to the structure of PD. Can anyone enlighten me?

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