[PD-dev] object name conflicts

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Jan 9 20:02:26 CET 2009

Daniel Aschauer hat gesagt: // Daniel Aschauer wrote:

> I committed my external to the svn.
> But I then realized that in the 0.40.3 extended pd version that I 
> downloaded there is an external (flatspace) included that has similar 
> object with the same name.
> How are these name conflict processed, and can they be resolved. There 
> should be different object with the same name, right?

There can be no two objects with the same name! :(

To avoid nameclashes, there are several ways. You can compile your
objects as single externals instead of a library, put them in a
directory "algocomp" and load them as [algocomp/map] etc. Basically you
rename your objects then to include "algocomp/" as a prefix. This also
requires certain things with regard to help files etc.

You can use [import algocomp] then if you install the "import" external and
make your users install it, too.

Or you can chose a different object name on the source code level. For
example rename your objects to "ac_map" or "algo_henon" or whatever

That's what I would do, it's the solution with the least hassles. 

Btw.: You maybe want to rename your help files to "NAME-help.pd" as that's the
usual standard now. (I only checked algocomp from your site, sorry if
you made changes for the SVN version)

Btw++: [map] is a bit superflous: Its functionality is also available as
[maxlib/scale], [range] and in many abstractions. I'd just drop it or
replace it with an abstraction. 


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