[PD-dev] removed irrelevant #include "t_tk.h" thruout SVN

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Jan 26 20:03:11 CET 2009

I just went through all of the externals that include t_tk.h and found  
that none of them actually need to include it, since none of them  
actually use the functions or macros declared in t_tk.h.  Since pd- 
devel has removed t_tk.h, and hopefully pd-vanilla will soon also  
ditch t_tk.h, I have removed #include "t_tk.h" from everywhere it was  
doing nothing (but preventing pd-devel-extended from compiling).

I hope this is ok with everyone.  I couldn't see any reason to keep a  
header that was unused.



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