[PD-dev] pd-devel code structure meeting on IRC

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Fri Feb 6 23:15:58 CET 2009

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Hey all,
> Now that the core of Pd-devel is working,
actually it isn't working on Linux (the main window shows up, but it's

> and other people are  
> starting to mess with it, I figure its a good time to have an IRC  
> meeting about it.  At this point, the code is working but could be  
> structured much better.


> One thing I am realizing is that the code would probably be a lot  
> cleaner if it was organized in a more Object-oriented style.  I am not  
> sure that using incr Tcl or things like that are the way, I think we  
> could probably just organize things into packages that act like object  
> classes, but I am open to other things.
incrTcl is nice
also tcl 8.5 has it's own object system (available as tclOO extension
for earlier versions)
also is possible to make a tiny object system in pure-tcl
I've made mine - it has public/provate methods, widget hiding, it's very
much like tk "objects" - see http://wiki.tcl.tk/18151 very beginning of
the code defines the object system

I'm actually working to a dataflow canvas in pure tcl
it actually implements every functionality of the pd canvas and has the
same feel, it can mimick the style of pd or max, I added autocomplete
feature (bash-style completion)
I'm planning adding segmented patch cords (although I'm now stuck with
complex line-routing algorithms)
> How about next Thursday or Friday?  Here is one proposed time, which  
> we can adjust spending on who can make it:
>      * 9.00 Pacific Time
>      * 11.00 Central Time
>      * 12.00 Eastern Time/PET
>      * 15.00 BRST/Sao Paulo
>      * 17.00 GMT/Zulu
>      * 18.00 Central European CET
>      * 19.00 EET/Istanbul/Cairo
>      * 23.00 IST/Chennai
>      * 1.00 CST/Taipei
> http://tinyurl.com/pdmtgtime
> I am on irc://irc.freenode.net/dataflow a lot, feel free to ping me  
> about this any time.

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