[PD-dev] stripping down Pd-extended's default libs

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Feb 16 17:32:44 CET 2009

>> Gem cyclone zexy creb cxc iemlib list-abs mapping markex maxlib  memento
mjlib motex oscx pddp pdogg pixeltango pmpd rradical sigpack  smlib toxy
unauthorized vbap pan freeverb hcs jmmmp ext13 ggee  iem_anything flib ekext
flatspace pdp pidip
>> I think it should be something like:
>> cyclone zexy creb iemlib ggee iem_anything flatspace

i don't understand the real goal of extended,
wasn't it to include as much libraries
as possible? ( and not to rewrite the gui ? )

second, i dunno why you made unauthorized
into a lib, when it was really allright to have
all objects separated in extra..
thus loaded when needed.
you never asked my opinion about this neither...

and also people writing on the list
saying you shouldn't use that external,
i have a brilliant workaround, etc...

i see that the pd community if ever it existed
is now getting a pyramidal structure
where some people take decisions for all,


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