[PD-dev] pow~ in Cyclone [was: Re: stripping down Pd-extended's default libs]

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Feb 19 09:50:51 CET 2009

Roman Haefeli wrote:

> the switch from 0.41 to 0.42 did indeed also break at least one of the
> netpd patches. this patch is using [unpack] for an incoming message,
> that misses the list selector. while this still works with pd's [unpack]
> (although it is an undocumented feature, i guess), it doesn't work with
> the zexy [unpack]: it complains: no method for 'bla'.
> this again raises the question: should zexy's [unpack] mimick the the
> funny behaviours of pd's [unpack]? i am undecided here.

yesterday when i went home i was wondering about (i guess) the same 
thing: could sending [foo bar( to [unpack s s] be actually considered a 
bug in the patch (for sending a non-list to [unpack]) and "unpack" 
itself (for accepting non-lists)?

the help-patch clearly speaks of "lists of atoms", but doesn't mention 
other messages at all.

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