[PD-dev] pow~ in Cyclone [was: Re: stripping down Pd-extended's default libs]

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 20 00:10:28 CET 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-19 at 09:46 +0100, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> Roman Haefeli wrote:
> > i think, that the question, why a new object [pack] is named pack is not
> > rhetoric at all and isn't answered yet. so lets go again: why is [pack]
> > from zexy called [pack]?
> > 
> because it is meant as a fully backwards-compatible replacement of 
> [pack], with added features.
> since i have been repeating this for several times now, i would be 
> interested in the precise part of the above sentence that is unclear to you.

i think, i understand that sentence, but still cannot see the goal of
calling it the same. i mean, giving it the same name is of no use for
your old (pre-zexy-[unpack]) patches, since they were not aware of the
new features of zexy's [unpack], when they were created, thus they also
would work with the pd's [unpack] today. on the other hand, for new
patches, that potentionally profit from the added features of [unpack],
it wouldn't have been any additional effort to write each time [zunpack]
(or whatsoever) instead of [unpack]. so the only goal of it, that i can
see is, that you deliberately want to confuse yourself, which i believe
wasn't your reason to call it [unpack]. back to the orignal question....


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