[PD-dev] pbank in build/src (aka "flatspace")

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 25 01:34:10 CET 2009

>>> when pd-extended or the cvs will be ordered to have directory
>>> like : /math
>>> /audio/math
>>> /audio/effect
>>> /save
>>> /matrix

> but i would prefer to organise this properly (i.e. not by developer but  
> by functionality)
> for now, using flatspace is the only way i know to include code in  
> pd-extended, i'll digg more when i'll get time.

is something like this possible: each developer drops his stuff in svn in  
the current structure, but when compiled all externals are divided into  
categories (e.g. like the above named)? each developer has his own corner  
to drop stuff, but he has to check to which category each object belongs  
to, and they get distributed at compiling time. and, unchecked objects  
don't get compiled.

is this feasible/logic? it sounds logic to me, as f.e. my abstractions  
cover a bit of everything: GUI, midi, audio, ...

Also, the amount of categories should be discussed, and probably on the  
main list. I think that MP's original list isn't enough, and new  
categories should be included (especially considering the amount and  
diversity of objects in pd-ext). audio filters, generators, effects, ... I  
can look at the pd-ext-list I've made and give a concrete suggestion in  
the next days, if you want.
this discussion will be a bit chaotic, but it should go to the main  

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