[PD-dev] pbank in build/src (aka "flatspace")

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Feb 25 16:33:00 CET 2009

On Feb 25, 2009, at 5:07 AM, cyrille henry wrote:

> João Pais a écrit :
>>>>> when pd-extended or the cvs will be ordered to have directory
>>>>> like : /math
>>>>> /audio/math
>>>>> /audio/effect
>>>>> /save
>>>>> /matrix
>>> but i would prefer to organise this properly (i.e. not by  
>>> developer but by functionality)
>>> for now, using flatspace is the only way i know to include code in  
>>> pd-extended, i'll digg more when i'll get time.
>> is something like this possible: each developer drops his stuff in  
>> svn in the current structure, but when compiled all externals are  
>> divided into categories (e.g. like the above named)? each developer  
>> has his own corner to drop stuff, but he has to check to which  
>> category each object belongs to, and they get distributed at  
>> compiling time. and, unchecked objects don't get compiled.
>> is this feasible/logic? it sounds logic to me, as f.e. my  
>> abstractions cover a bit of everything: GUI, midi, audio, ...
>> Also, the amount of categories should be discussed, and probably on  
>> the main list. I think that MP's original list isn't enough, and  
>> new categories should be included (especially considering the  
>> amount and diversity of objects in pd-ext). audio filters,  
>> generators, effects, ... I can look at the pd-ext-list I've made  
>> and give a concrete suggestion in the next days, if you want.
>> this discussion will be a bit chaotic, but it should go to the main  
>> list/pdpedia.
> yes,i think such proposition can be constructive.

Honestly, I think the libraries should not be automatically formed.   
They should be owned by someone and designed as a whole, not pieced  
together from random bits.  This is how libraries are usually written  
in Perl, Python, etc. etc.  This would ensure that the objectclasses  
in a library have matching interfaces, and work well together.



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