[PD-dev] Proposals for object categories

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 27 14:41:16 CET 2009


> João Pais wrote:
>> exactly. in the contrary of the before mentioned libraries, these are  
>> more
>> groups of externals compassing different groups: glue, math, matrix, ...
> please someone explain to me the differences.
> this sounds all very nice on a piece of paper, but to which category
> does [pix_sig2pix~] belong to?
> - image (or even graphics, since i think that any segregation between
> graphics and images should _not_ be done anyhow)
> - signal
> - glue
> - misc

I wouldn't try to be very radical (or anal) here. I wrote somewhere else  
(but don't remeber where) that cohese libraries - like Gem, Pdp, vasp, and  
maybe others - already close themselves from the outside world, so they  
should remain as a group, and the group inserted in the best main category  
above them. check the page now, actually I also joined both video/graphics  
categories, and put some subcategories in.
As for individual cases, they should be checked case to case. Gem has  
signal objects, but since it's goes is video, it should go to the video  

I think this doesn't affect cohese libraries that much, because it makes  
no sense to split them apart. but it will help with libraries that are  
just a group of lots of utilities for different categories - zexy, etc  
etc, also jmmmp, etc. For example, the IEM libs split themselves up at  
some point, now we have iem-gui, iem-matrix, ...

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