[PD-dev] Proposals for object categories

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Feb 28 15:11:31 CET 2009

Luke Iannini hat gesagt: // Luke Iannini wrote:
> I just took a look at Max/MSP and they have a nice tagging system, as
> well as an excellent configurable filter on their file browser that
> ends up being a pretty elegant solution to many of these problems.
> Perhaps going the route of adding parsable tags to object help patches
> (e.g. a comment containing ##os ##midi ##oscillator (hm, quite an odd
> object)) that can then be read back by the help-browser is more what
> you're suggesting (I got that feeling from the threads you linked
> Mathieu). 

I think, that's a good aproach (although it doesn't solve any
namespacing issues) and a start for this is already existing in the [pd
META] subpatch that you can find in some help patches in the svn. 

Documentation and categorization IMO should live as closely as possible
to where the action is, i.e. in a help file or embedded in an

BTW: That is (and already was in the discussion about it at pd~conv
Montreal) my main problem with pdpedia: IMO a Pd doc wiki takes the
reference documention too far away from the files. I'm pretty sure, that
people will rather add a [pd META] or so to their help files than go and
edit a pdpedia page. In turn, a pdpedia page can parse and read out the
META data from a help file - in fact, most of the useful stuff in
pdpedia has been generated that way.  The success of comment-generated
docs or Python's docstrings illustrate my reasoning.


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