[PD-dev] new pd-devel feature: patches for file associations

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Thu Aug 13 14:41:13 CEST 2009

So I fixed a couple bugs in Pd-devel and added a new feature which I'd  
like feedback on:

I created a system for associating pd patches to file extensions and  
created an example wav.pd for opening .WAVs.  Basically, create a  
patch using the text "$FILENAME" for the filename should go, name it  
after the file extension (i.e. wav.pd), then drop it into 'pd/ 
associations'.  On start-up, Pd will set up the associations for that  
filetype.  When you then open a .wav in Pd, it will open wav.pd,  
replace $FILENAME with the complete path, then create the patch  by  
sending the contents of wav.pd to pd.

The next step would be to use this for drag-n-drop functionality, so  
when you drop an associated file on a canvas (i.e. voice.wav), it  
would copy-n-paste the contents of wav.pd to that canvas, with the  
$FILENAME replacement.

Thoughts, objections, comments, improvements?



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