[PD-dev] Different behaviour with -nogui flag and ASIO drivers

Cesar Mauri Loba cesar at crea-si.com
Mon Aug 24 14:07:40 CEST 2009


With the latest pd version (0.42-5), latest ASIO drivers (v2.9) and under
WinXP SP3 when I run

   pd -asio -audioindev 4 -audiooutdev 3 -listdev mypatch.pd

all works fine. pd starts interactively and selects the appropriate ASIO
devices. But if I try to run it without GUI

   pd -nogui -asio -audioindev 4 -audiooutdev 3 -listdev mypatch.pd

then appears the following errors in the console and (obviously) I have no
sound at all:

   Error number -9985 opening portaudio stream
   Error message: Device unavailable

The "mypatch.pd" patch simply generates a sine wave after enabling the dsp
with a loadbang. The audio devices present on my system are:

   audio input devices:
   1. (0)Asignador de sonido de Microsof - Input
   2. (0)Logitech Mic (Pro 9000)
   3. (0)Realtek HD Audio Input
   4. (1)ASIO4ALL v2
   audio output devices:
   1. (0)Asignador de sonido de Microsof - Output
   2. (0)Realtek HD Audio output
   3. (1)ASIO4ALL v2
   API number 4

I've believed that this could be a bug, so I've sent this message to the
dev list. Thanks for any ideas or advices you can give me.


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