[PD-dev] build system + template (ext13) = broken - fix?

dmotd dmotd at gmx.net
Tue Aug 25 16:56:08 CEST 2009


this mail is covering the breakage that i 
described previously with the new externals 
makefile template (ext13).

okay, so without going as far as tinkering with 
the various makefiles, i think i understand what 
is going wrong with the buildsys and the broken 
install destination (DESTDIR+objectsdir).

it's a pretty simple case of using $DESTDIR 
outside of its natural habitat - the main culprit 
starting at 'packages/Makefile.buildlayout', and 
then a widespread misuse that is inflicted 
throughout the buidsystem.

IOhannes' arguments for the template used with 
ext13 are probably well founded and the template 
itself uses the correct inplementation of the 
$DESTDIR variable - which is to prepend it to the 
actual install or uninstall directive with any 
addition directory prefixes added via other 
variables - $(objectsdir) in this scenario.

i guess you've been concatenating the $DESTDIR as 
some form of shorthand into the $objectsdir var 
(and other assorted variables), which has worked 
up until now because the build system is pretty
well self contained.

now that IOhannes has introduced scope for using 
the buildsys makefile template for localized 
building it has open up a new range of problmes 
associated with $DESTDIR misuse in the first 

so, the solution is fairly simple but a bit messy: 
make all the destination variables described in 
Makefile.buildlayout conform to a format without 
the $DESTDIR prefix, and then find/replace all 
uses of these destination variables to conform to 
$(DESTDIR)$(buildsysdestvar) standard, (which by 
rule should only be used directly in an 'install' 
or 'uninstall' context.

i guess you can tell me if i'm way off target 
here, but i'll try shifting around these vars 
locally and attempt a build before i commit 
anything to svn. i've run a successful(ly broken) 
build in the last 24hours, so i should have a 
decent test subject to work with. once checked in 
i guess its up to the autobuild server to shed 
some light on the various OS - i'm (un)fortunately 
contained to linux for the most part.

hope this covers it and i'm not just being verbose 
without reason!



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